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Kindergarten or Pre-K Activity Books?

The Kindergarten Activity Books were created to supplement and reinforce DrPHC in-class presentations, but are educational and fun on their own! If your children/students are Kindergarten-aged, and you want them to learn about topics like nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, sleep, literacy, health, science, nature, math, then these books are for you!

The Pre-K Activity Books, like the Kindergarten Activity Books, are intended to supplement in-class presentations, though still are entertaining and beneficial if used independently. These activity books promote similar topics as the Kindergarten Activity Books, though the Pre-K Activity Books are shorter and adapted to meet California Preschool Learning Foundations.


Parent Tips

Agua's Parent Tip

Water is the healthiest drink for everyone. Here are some fun and colorful ways to serve water to inspire your whole family to drink more:


Berry's Parent Tip

Keep it fruity! Try serving fruits at every meal and snack. Provide a variety since each fruit has unique nutrients and qualities.

Broc's Parent Tip

Veggies for life! Everyone knows they are good for you, but nobody seems to want to eat them.

Parent Tip

The outdoors can be a healthy way for your family to be more mindful.

Pathy's Parent Tip

Before a meal or snack, turn off all screens and sit at a table, if possible. Be present with your loved ones!


Smed's Parent Tip

Sugar Can Be Disguised By Many Names. These are all terms for sugar. No matter if it’s “organic cane sugar”. Sugar is sugar.

Mango Tango! How to properly cut a mango!


Sport's Parent Tip

Don’t get stuck on the idea that exercise can only come from organized outdoor sports.

Refrigeration plays an important role in keeping food safe. Make sure to follow the shelf order below to properly store foods so they’re safe to eat!


Parent Tip

It is hard to limit screen time, especially when it’s close to bedtime. Blue light exposure from screens up to 2 hours before bed decreases melatonin production, leading to poor sleep.

Spoon's Parent Tip

Warner's Parent Tip


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The White Light

Goodnight Dreaming Tree

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There Are So Many Kisses 

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