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Invest in the health and literacy of early learners by donating today. 

With your donation to SKH, DrPHC will:

  • Promote literacy, physical activity, and sleep

  • Teach health, nutrition, and safety

  • Nurture social and emotional development

  • Foster support systems within families as well as with trusted adults

The pandemic has created an emergent need for quality distance learning content, Serving Kids Hope (SKH) is supporting the development of Dr. Patricia's Health Club: Being Healthy from A-Z. This effort targets early learners whose learning foundation has been compromised by the pandemic and meets California State Standards for Kindergarten.




To learn about SKH efforts:

To make a donation by check, please make it payable to Serving Kids Hope. Mail the check to: 2100 West Alton Ave. Suite 2, Santa Ana CA 92704.