Dr. Patricia and her feathery friends in the Fit Kid Squad ™ promote literacy and valuable education on health, nutrition, safety, fitness, sleep, social-emotional development, and strengthening support systems with DrPHC: Being Healthy from A-Z.






Agua is a brown pelican and stands 4 feet tall. He is from a surf town in Oaxaca, Mexico. He likes anything involving water: drinking water, surfing, swimming, fishing, waterskiing, and boating. He is bilingual and speaks both English and Spanish.

Berry is a hyacinth macaw and stands 3 feet tall. He is a world traveler with a passion for tasting different fruits, his favorite kind of food. He is soulful and loves to listen to Bob Marley, Barry White, and the Commodores. He is social and a good communicator.

Broc is a white-eyed conure and stands 13 inches tall. He’s unsure where he’s originally from. He can get loud when he’s excited. He wants to be a strong superhero who helps others, and knows working out and eating veggies will help to get him there. "Eye of the Tiger" is his personal theme song.

Meet Our Feathery Friends!


Pathy is a blue peacock from California and stands 3.5 feet tall. Her family is originally from India. She is a good listener and really cares about others. She makes you feel safe and comfortable because she likes to find the good in any situations. She wears a heart-shaped necklace on her neck and a bow in her hair because of her favorite movie, Pollyanna.


O is an emu from Australia and stands 5 ft tall. He enjoys being outdoors: hiking, picnicking, camping, and grilling. He strongly believes foods from nature are key to healthy living. He loves all animals and uses his binoculars for exploring wildlife.


SMED is a pigeon from New York City and stands12 inches tall. He has a photographic memory. He enjoys school, studying, science, and reading. He wants to become a doctor. Sometimes he gets excited and too eager to share what he’s learned. He reads a lot of books and attends virtual school on his computer.


Sport is a mallard duck from Boston and stands 2 feet tall. She loves all sports, including the Olympics, organized sports, and anything to do with teamwork. She loves to be on the move and finds ways to be active in any setting. She particularly loves the Red Sox baseball team, Celtics basketball team, Bruin hockey team, and the Patriots football team (because they’re all from Boston). 


Spoon is a seagull from Southern California and stands 2 feet tall. Spoon loves to cook and bring people together for meals. He likes to make meals with the herbs and plants from his garden. He loves to restore antiques and go to the farmer’s market to search for new foods.


Warner is a crow from Alabama and stands 18 inches tall. He takes a lot of pride in warning friends and others about safety such as wearing sunscreen, seat belts, helmets, knee pads, safety goggles and safety rules. He volunteers as a crossing guard at schools to help children carefully get to school. He always says hello and believes in southern hospitality.


Z is a flamingo from Florida and stands about 4 ft tall. Her favorite place to do yoga is at Bathtub Beach in Florida. Mindfulness, meditation, and reading are important to her. She believes a bedtime routine is vital to being healthy. She tries to be present with herself, other people, and her surroundings.

Meet the Team!

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Dr. Patricia 

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Patricia A. Ronald Riba, MD is the founder of Serving Kids Hope - a community-based organization which supports prevention and treatment programs of nutrition-related health problems in the most vulnerable children and their families in Orange County, California. Dr. Patricia has a private practice in Southern California (DrPatriciaMD.com) which treats nutrition related issues for children, teens, and adults. Dr. Patricia also co-wrote the book Fit Kids Revolution: The Parent's Diet-Free Guide to raising Healthy and Fit Children with Jon Gabriel.

Dr. Patricia is a Board-Certified Pediatrician, with degrees from both the University of Southern California and Boston University School of Medicine. She completed her residency in General Pediatrics at CHOC Children’s Hospital of Orange County.  

When she was a little girl she dreamed of becoming a bird doctor and spent much of her childhood, especially her teen years, rehabilitating wild birds. In college she researched ornithology (birds) at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and also at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. She was never much for bird watching, but always eager to nurture a baby bird who had fallen out of the nest.

She was born and raised in Southern California, still living there with her amazing daughter, three nutty dogs and several pet pigeons including SMED.

Rosario Olivera

Executive Director

Rosario Olivera is the executive director at Serving Kids Hope. She was born and raised in Santa Ana, California and has a passion for serving her community. For 23 years she has been working in community health. She is a gregarious leader who tells stories that inspire actions while at the same time remaining grounded in her Latino culture. 

Her vision is to expand Serving Kids Hope, break barriers, and serve people in their greatest hour of needs. Over the years, she has assumed leadership roles in organizations until being promoted to executive director for SKH in 2020.

She keeps herself centered by attending church, spending time with family, crafting, sewing, and traveling with Agua to the beaches in Oaxaca. 

Tara Moran

Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist

Tara Moran completed her first Bachelor's degree in Sociology, then took her interests of nutrition and pursued a Bachelor's in Nutrition. Years later, she completed her Dietetic Internship and Master's degree in Nutrition from Marywood University.


As a Registered Dietitian, she serves as a vital member of Dr. Patricia's team. She teaches children how to cook healthy foods and stay healthy by being physically active. She has a talent for helping families find nutritious foods through food banks and other places where healthy foods are hard to find. 


She is an amazing cook, patients love her cooking demonstrations and recipes. The team always looks to her for ideas on how to prepare delicious, easy, nutritious, and kid friendly recipes. She and Spoon have partnered to bring some of these recipes to you on DrPHC.