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Why DrPHC?

DrPHC: Being Healthy from A-Z is designed to promote health in our youngest and most vulnerable children by helping these students heal emotionally, physically, and academically from the impact of the pandemic. Dr. Patricia and her feathery friends in the Fit Kid Squad ™ use the letters of the alphabet to educate about a multitude of topics, all while meeting California Kindergarten Content Standards.


Program Overview

Dr. Patricia's Health Club: Being Healthy From A-Z (DrPHC) uses the letters of the alphabet as inspiration to promote topics like nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, sleep, literacy, health, science, nature, math, and to help foster social-emotional development and support systems. DrPHC is intended to benefit children who are in pre-k, kindergarten, or with special needs. Dr. Patricia and her Fit Kid Squad (Agua, Berry, Broc, O, Pathy, SMED, Spoon, Sport, Warner, and Z), help early learners grow into healthier, happier, and thriving individuals. In having the Fit Kid Squad composed of ten different birds, DrPHC teaches early learners about inclusion and respecting others’ differences in age-appropriate ways. All subjects covered meet the California Standards for Kindergarten. 

The primary objective of the DrPHC program is to act as a buffer against the impact the pandemic caused to the education of pre-k, kindergarten, and special needs students.

We at DrPHC serve all public and private educational settings.

What DrPHC Offers

  • Supplementing the class curriculum of any participating pre-K, kindergarten, or special needs classes

  • 20-30 minute in-class, interactive virtual presentations

  • Helping students learn their education foundations after drawbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Teaching kids healthy habits

  • A fun and engaging program! Bird characters are utilized to teach content, and corresponding puppets are used in presentations


What will DrPHC look like in your classroom?

When DrPHC joins your classroom, we want to make it as low-stress for you as possible. We know how hard it is to be a teacher, and so our program is designed to be flexible and match your teaching schedule!

DrPHC will join your classroom once a week, and our presentations run between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on which grade you teach (20 minutes for pre-k students, 30 minutes for kindergarten students). We will present on 1 alphabet letter each week, and we will communicate with you to ensure that we are presenting the alphabet in the same order as you. Currently, all in-class presentations are conducted virtually. Once it is safe to do so, we would love to visit your classes in person!

The Fit Kid Squad each have their own specialty, and they are a big part of the in-class presentations. The birds are featured in each presentation, and each character has a puppet who pops up to talk about their specialty with the kids!

Benefits of DrPHC

  • Enhances your classroom curriculum

  • Strengthens students' foundation of learning

  • Ease of implementation, as we have our own platforms for presentations

  • Fun and engaging content for your students

  • Corresponding activity books that match our in-class presentations (separate books for pre-k and kinder classes)

  • Helps students to catch up from the impact of the pandemic​

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