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Z's Parent Tip


It is hard to limit screen time, especially when it’s close to bedtime. Blue light exposure from screens up to 2 hours before bed decreases melatonin production, leading to poor sleep. Too much screen time can lead to increased BMI levels, increased consumption of sugary beverages, delayed language development, and aggressive behavior.


Turn off screens at least 2 hours before bedtime. Encourage children to do these things before bed:

  • Clean their room

  • Read a book

  • Take a shower/bath

  • Brush their teeth

  • Play some calming music

  • Draw a picture or talk about highs and lows from their day

  • Play with non electronic toys, cards, or games 


Sleep deprivation is associated with low energy, memory loss, increased stress, and poor quality of life. Getting a good night's sleep is now recognized as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle to prevent chronic diseases.

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