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Berry's Parent Tip


Try serving fruits at every meal and snack!


Experiment with a variety, since each fruit has unique nutrients and qualities. Fruits are a great source of vitamin C, antioxidants, and other marvelous components that are amazing for your body.


For example, whole fruits contain phytochemicals, which protect against cancer and aging, as well as fiber, which prevents constipation and reduces cholesterol.


Here are some tips for increasing fruits in your family's diet:

  • Serve fruits (and vegetables) at all meals and snacks.

  • Have the fruits washed, cut, and ready-to-eat in plain sight in the fridge (i.e. cut up pineapple, washed berries, or cut up watermelon)

  • Let seasons inspire your fruit choices. Fruits in season will cost less, taste better, and give your diet a natural variety.

  • Get your family engaged with fruits by growing them, shopping farmer’s markets or visiting farms in your area.

  • Eat them yourself. Be a role model.

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