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Spoon's Parent Tip

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How to properly cut a mango! First, wash and pat dry your mango before cutting.


Take the narrow side of the mango so it faces you. There is a pit in the middle, so take your knife and cut on each side of the pit. Now you should have three pieces. Take the pit out, remove the skin, and enjoy munching on it. 


The other two side pieces can be enjoyed in two ways:

  1. Use a pint glass to separate the mango from the skin. Place the bottom of one slice of the mango on the rim and slide it down the glass, having the mango meat separate from the skin. The meat should fall into the glass while the skin is outside. Once you have it separated, cut up the mango however you want and serve.

  2. Using the two sides, gently cut vertical slices in the mango but not all the way through the skin. Then make horizontal slices. Once sliced, turn the mango inside out by pushing from the center behind the peel so the cubed mangos are now separated. Now you can enjoy your mango!

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