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O's Parent Tip

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The outdoors can be a healthy way for your family to be more mindful. When you are outside, have a phone for safety, but use the outdoors as your inspiration and entertainment. Get your family to use their 5 senses to connect with their mind, body, and surroundings. 


  • Go for a walk as a family and play games like: 

    • “I Spy” (sight)

    • Guess what the shapes of clouds look like (sight)

    • Walk or play with your pets outside (touch, sight, hear, smell)

    • Collect leaves, rocks, wild flowers (touch, sight, smell)

    • Practice with your child‘s counting and colors with what you see (i.e. cars, flowers, houses, trees) (touch, sight)

    • Grab a pair of gloves and trash bags and pick up trash to help your environment (touch)

  • Lay on the grass to listen to the birds (hear)

  • Garden in your front or back yard (touch, smell, sight)

  • Set up a sandbox outside the home (touch)

  • Pack lunches/snacks and have a picnic outside (taste, smell, touch, sight)

  • Set up arts and crafts outside in your yard or at a park (touch, sight, hear)


So let’s take a step outside to enjoy being active and present!

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